Viking Runes Slot Review

Viking Runes Slot Review, High Volatile RTP 96.2% (TrueLab Games)

This Viking Runes slot review will help you to earn bigger winnings in the game. Well, it is a grid slot developed by TrueLab, an independent studio. The size of Viking Runes is the first thing that strikes you. 

Best Viking Runes Slot Review

Runes were said to have magical properties in the sagas, and the backdrop artwork of Viking Runes supports this concept. The grid is set in a rocky mountainous terrain, dappled with purple snow from the Aurora Borealis, which lights up the screen’s upper section. 

Theme and Design

It gives off an eerie glow, which is heightened by the faces in the granite looking out like earth ghosts. The horn-helmed warrior standing next to the grid creates extra life, ready to bash it with his Warhammer at any time.

This game has a cluster pay method, in which a win is awarded when six or more identical symbols join horizontally or vertically. If more than one cluster lands at the same time, they will all be awarded winnings. 

Winning clusters are then removed from the grid, allowing fresh symbols to fall into their place. This can result in a string of wins from a single spin, which will only end when no more winning clusters occur.

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RTP and Volatility

Runic exploding fun is available on any device, with wagers ranging from 40p to £/€40 every spin. Big potential is matched by volatility of ‘2065,’ which doesn’t imply anything on its own but comes to very high’ in plain English. 

As seen by a total hit frequency of 31.8%, symbols cluster up on a regular basis, keeping the activity rolling. The RTP is also rather high, with a figure of 96.2%.


The paytable is filled by runes, with three being employed as low pays, four as mids, and two gem-encrusted pieces of jewelry as high symbols. TrueLab has given distinct values to each cluster of 6 to 42 symbols, resulting in an extremely long paytable. 

A cluster of 42 low symbols is worth 100x the wager, mids 200-300x, and highs 500x to 800x the bet at the top end. Two wild symbols assist players in forming clusters of symbols. 

The first is Lightning Wilds, which we’ll go into below, and the second is a conventional wild. Except for Lightning Wilds, this one can be used to replace any symbol in the game.

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Slot Features

Lightning Wilds are a big part of the game, and they’re followed by three random modifiers and a round of free spins. On a bar to the right of the grid, there are four Lightning Wilds. 

One Lightning Wild is activated and put in a random spot when a winning cascade occurs. It’s possible to get up to four Lightning Wilds in a row, and each one moves to a different place after each win cascade. 

Lightning Wilds stay on the board until the cascades are finished, at which point they are removed to make room for the following spin.

The three random modifiers can be used in either the main or bonus game. They activate at different locations in the cascade, but only one can activate at a time.

Free Spins

If you get five consecutive winning cascades or more, you will receive 6 free spins (alternatively you can use the bonus buy option if allowed in your jurisdiction). During free spins, all four Lightning Wilds are activated for the length of the round, shifting to new locations after each cascade. 

The main difference is that they now include a progressive multiplier that rises by +1 anytime they are used in a winning cluster. Because free spins cannot be retriggered, the name of the game is snowballing cascades.


Viking Runes may have been inspired by Viking Runecraft, and the names are nearly identical, yet TrueLab’s game manages to be the more popular. It’s not as complicated, with the main focus being on landing successive cascades to get free spins. 

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