Vicky Ventura Slot

Vicky Ventura Slot Overview: Features, Max Win, Number of Reels & Bonus

Vicky Ventura Slot Overview. The rapid developments taking place in our environment do not spare the online gaming sector. Female heroes have grown more prevalent throughout time, and it seems that mostly male adventurers are a thing of the past.

Back then, the names of the fortune hunters were staunchly masculine, like Jungle Jim or Riche Wilde. Instead, elegant women with names like Anna or, like in this instance, Vicky are taking their place.

But the game’s avant-garde elements don’t stop with the female adventurer. It’s true that the creators had to swallow their pride and thoroughly research the genre to get the visual aesthetic just perfect for the target audience. You have your typical setting as a result, complete with temples, crystals, and other stage props that might have easily been taken off the Indiana Jones set.

Heck, you can even find books there. Although it is clearly visually appealing, the most engaging aspect of the story is in the engine at work. Red Tiger Gaming’s Vicky Ventura is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with 243 ways to win. As you’ll see, it hides a secret that is both potent and dynamic. On mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers, you can enjoy it with wagers ranging from 0.20 to 200€ every spin.

The setting, a long-forgotten jungle temple, features lush jungle vegetation on both sides of the reels and a color scheme that leans toward clay. For some reason, it makes us think of the old point-and-click adventure games on PC that we used to adore and it has a fantastic appearance, for lack of a better description.

You will also notice scrolls, books, safari caps, and binoculars in addition to the lower-value hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades symbols. The compass, though, is at the top of the hierarchy and pays 15 times your bet if you land 5 of them on adjacent reels. Vicky is wild, and she can be used to replace any regular symbol.

Vicky Ventura Slot: Feature

The crystal sign is crucial to Vicky Venture’s plot. The Mystic Totem feature, which is activated if these appear on the reels, involves calling upon the gods to open the skull totem to the side of the reels. Your chances of forming winning combos are greatly increased when matching symbols are shot into the reels.

Additionally, if you look above the reels, you’ll see locked symbol places. If any of them are struck by the totem energy beams, wilds will be revealed and the amount of winning combinations will increase. You can receive both matched symbols and wilds when you land multiple crystals. Any exposed tile will relock only after Mystic Totem spin has also been played, and the game returns to its normal configuration.

You’ll get 10 free spins if you simultaneously land 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Instead of just one row of locked places as in the main game, there are three rows available to you here. Although they only function as a wild during the first spin and then act normally after that, unlocked locations will stay unlocked in consecutive free spins.

Now, if you activate the feature again, in addition to receiving 10 additional free spins, you’ll also receive an additional locked row, bringing the total number of locked rows up to a maximum of 4. If fully developed, Vicky Ventura Slot provides up to 16,807 different chances to win. This makes for some exciting activity, as does the maximum win possibility of 10,000 times your wager and limitless free spins.

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Vicky Ventura Slot: Verdict

Vicky Ventura Slot is a potpourri of excellent potential, excellent graphics, enjoyable features, and, as the finishing touch, just enough narrative to give it some personality and depth.

The main drawback might be the somewhat lower bonus frequency, but as it has a medium variation, it’s also a little more forgiving on your balance without sacrificing any of the adrenaline factor. If you are looking for a trusted judi bola online site, you can visit the DEPOBET88 site.

Vicky Ventura Slot is a no-brainer if you enjoy Red Tiger Gaming products in general and slots that are similar to Indian Jones. As we’ve just witnessed in the Casumo top winner reports, Red Tiger’s potential is very real. Vicky was a lot of fun to hang out with, and if you’re up for a treasure hunt as well, this one is unquestionably worthwhile. In addition, Vicky is considerably more appealing than Riche or Jungle Jim, two odorous old macho studs.