Super Rainbow Megaways Review

Super Rainbow Megaways Review: RTP 96.13%, High Volatile

Are you looking for the Super Rainbow Megaways review? Yes, we have it here for you! Here’s another game in the busy leprechaun genre for those who can’t get enough of these kinds of games. 

This online slot machine is named Super Rainbow Megaways, and it was created by Iron Dog Studio, a developer who is familiar with Big Time Gaming’s Megaways technology. 

We’re going, to be honest with you. We weren’t overjoyed to be returning to the Emerald Isle for the umpteenth time. It would be OK if what was on offer was bursting with creativity, but even the term Super Rainbow gave us the creeps.

However, like a movie critic going to watch the 300th version of Godzilla, we gathered our clipboard and markers and prepared to put Super Rainbow Megaways through its runs to see what makes it tick.

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Best Super Rainbow Megaways Review

The first experience of Super Rainbow Megaways was much in line with our expectations, with one significant exception. There weren’t any rainbows to be seen. These appear later, once a certain feature has been activated. 

Instead, gamers are treated to a purple, rainbow-free sky that blankets a neon-green grassy valley with posy bouquets thrown on either side of the screen. Super Rainbow Megaways has an as lively soundtrack as you could possibly want. 

Perhaps the opportunity to conduct a Celtic jig is one of the reasons why software companies keep coming back to this region of the world? To summarize, the audio-visuals are well-made, although basic. Let’s do what is valuable only at slot online.

1. RTP and Volatility

Super Rainbow Megaways is played on a game panel with six primary reels each containing two to seven symbols and a four-position horizontal reel at the bottom of the screen between two Bag End-style holes. 

Because the symbols on the grid change between spins, so do the number of ways to win, which range from 324 to 200,704. 

The RTP varies almost as much, peaking at 96.13% in some places and dipping as low as 88.05% in others. Super Rainbow Megaways is a highly volatile slot machine that can be played on any device and accepts stakes ranging from 20p to £/€25 per spin.

2. The Paytable (Symbols and Payout)

When we look at the paytable, we see that 9-A symbols are worth 0.5 to 0.9 times the bet for six of a kind. Following that comes a slew of traditional four-leaf clovers, pipes, top hats, and leprechauns as premiums, which pay 1 to 25 times the bet for six of a type. 

They aren’t exactly the most creative symbols. In any case, a puffy cloudy wild symbol, which can substitute for any non-special symbol, completes this section.

3. Slot Features

A pot of gold scatter is the special symbol in question, which is used to create extra spins, however, some players may be able to buy them alternatively. Tumbles and the Super Rainbow feature from the title piece are among the other bonuses.


When a winning path is discovered, the symbols involved are removed, and new symbols are thrown down to take their place. If the new symbols form a winning combination, the payout, and a new tumble is started.

Super Rainbows

When a wild symbol appears on reels 2 and 5, a rainbow picture appears between them, and one wild symbol appears on both reels 3 and 4.

Free Spins

When three, four, or five scatter symbols appear on the screen, the bonus round is triggered, awarding 12, 14, or 16 free spins, respectively. If there are more scatters in view, each adds +2 free spins. During the bonus round, each additional scatter adds +1 free spin; any additional scatters add +2 free spins each. 

During free spins, a couple of new regulations are now in effect. The first is the addition of a win multiplier that begins at 1 and increases by 1 after each winning tumble.

The second is that whenever a reel displays seven symbols, it is locked in place for the duration of the feature. From then on, locked reels always display 7 symbols and offer +1 free spin.

Buy Free Spins

If your region allows it, players can buy their way straight to the bonus round in one of two methods. Buying the twelve free spins costs 82 times the stake and boosts the RTP to 96.3%. Alternatively, purchasing 12 free spins with one reel locked costs 131x the wager and has a 96.81% RTP.

Final Words

If you look up ‘creatively bereft’ in a graphical dictionary, you’ll probably find an image of executives brainstorming new ideas in front of a whiteboard with a word on it that says ‘Leprechaun.’ It’s strange how many Irish-themed slots are available. 

Sure, they can be fun, but it’s still a little frustrating because a company releases yet another leprechaun-themed experience. Learn more about the online slots guide at MPOAPI and Bovada online casinos.

Also, learning about the online casino strategy at these sites can bring your game to another level. Whether it’s poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, or sports betting.

A clichéd subject is less of an issue if the game in question sparkles with new ideas, new features, or new anything. The trouble is that there isn’t much of that in Super Rainbow Megaways. Yes! That is our Super Rainbow Megaways review for you. /

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