Piggy Holmes Slot Review

Piggy Holmes Slot Review (GameArt | RTP 96.00%)

Are you searching for the best Piggy Holmes slot review? Sherlock Holmes’ narrative has fascinated and inspired many generations, and it has been told in a variety of formats, including books, TV shows, movies, and video games. 

Piggy Holmes is a slot machine that does the same idea, however the developer, GameArt, chose to make the characters pigs. Many of the normal current features will be included in the Piggy Holmes slot, but that does not imply it will be dull.

Best Piggy Holmes Slot Review

There will be 25 active lines on the 5×3 reels. With their assistance, the game can award winnings of up to 500x the bet per spin, as well as extra features with jackpots of up to 1,000x the stake. 

There are wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins with massive symbols, and bonus games with re-spins, all of which can lead to some of the best wins the slot has to offer.

1. Betting Options

In Piggy Holmes, changing the coin value also changes the total amount that will be used in bets. The smallest coin denomination is $0.01, while the largest is $5. As a result, the betting range is $0.25 to $125, providing you access to all 25 lines.

When covering a line with Revolver symbols, the game’s finest combos can pay up to 25x the stake. If you do the same for all of the reels and lines, you’ll be qualified for a 500x jackpot. 

The bonus game, which can trigger the Grand Jackpot, which is a set payout worth 1,000x the wager, is a superior option. The Major (200x), Minor (100x), and Mini (50x) fixed jackpots will also be triggered by the same feature (50x).

2. Slot Features

The slot’s wild icon will be Piggy Holmes himself. It can be used as a substitute that can be mixed with regular symbols to generate new wins, but it will not trigger any additional features.

Piggy Scatter

Next up is the Piggy Scatter, a symbol that must appear on three reels in order to earn a minor payout as well as six free spins. The middle reels have been combined into a single gigantic zone in this mode, which mixes things up a little. 

There are colossal symbols that take up three reels at the same time. This can even result in massive scatters, triggering a retrigger of the free spins with an additional three rounds.

Golden Piggy Coin

The Golden Piggy Coin is the third feature symbol, and it is a scatter that will frequently appear on the reels without providing any advantage to you. You must land it in at least 6 areas for it to quit being a blocker icon. The Piggy Respins feature is then triggered, which is a very popular feature these days.

It entails three respins and a screen that exclusively displays Golden Piggy Coins. You begin with the activating symbols and work your way up. Each time this happens, the respins are reset. 

You can win the Grand Jackpot by filling the reels with coins when the bonus ends, or you can win the cash prizes indicated by the coins. It’s also possible to win smaller set jackpots.

3. Theme and Design

The game is well-designed, and we like the Sherlock Holmes theme, even though the choice of a pig to represent him is a little off-putting. 

GameArt knows how to make a fantastic game, and the graphics are cutting-edge and entertaining. The mood is enhanced by the presence of 19th century Victorian London behind the reels.

Revolvers, Handcuffs, Magnifying Glass, Pipe, and four extremely elegant Royals are among the symbols that deliver the image of Piggy Holmes as the wild, the Piggy Scatter, and the Golden Piggy Coin, Magnifying Glass, followed by regulars such as Revolvers, Handcuffs, Pipe, and four very fine Royals.

Final Thoughts

This is a fun situs slot gacor game, but it owes a lot of its appeal to its theme and visuals. This exact combination of features has already been seen in a number of previous slots, and they’re not particularly compelling to begin with. 

The only symbols that differ are the huge symbols from the free spins, but you don’t get into that mode very often. Overall of this Piggy Holmes slot review, it’s a good game, but not outstanding.

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